What to do in Singapore

Singapore is an island country in Southeast Asia. The famous country has 5.6 million residents of which 39% of them are foreigners. The country has four official languages which are; English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil.  My experience showed me that most of the people speak English. 

Did you also know that Singapore consists of 63 islands including the main island? Another good thing to know if you want to adapt to their culture; most of the people in Singapore are Buddhist (33%). 

Singapore in 2 days!
Singapore is not a big country which means you do not have to spend a week here to see everything, a few days is enough. Definitely when you are not travelling on a high budget, because Singapore is expensive. I would recommend two days. 

How you get around? 

The public transport in the city is very easy. You pay around 10 SGD per day for a Tourist Pass and this will give you access to unlimited rides on a number of buses and trains. Definitely download the app GRAB if you need a ride from the airport to your hotel or if you like to use a cheap version of the taxi rides. 

What to do?

Marina Bay Sands
The hotel is very beautiful but also very expensive. You can enjoy the view also from a restaurant having a drink. There are a lot of spots where you have to pay a lot of money to go to the viewpoint. I would recommend you to go to Spago Restaurant for a drink and a good view. Spago is located on level 57 of Marina Bay Sands Tower 2. The food is really expensive but if you want to enjoy the sunset and have an amazing city skyline view overlooking Marina Bay Sands most famous infinity pool Check here.

Eat the Local Food
Restaurants are very expensive in Singapore and to be honest, I experienced that the local food is amazing. You can go to Smith Street and the stalls there offer food for less than 7 SGD. You can also go to Chinatown or Little India and the meals here are less than a few Singapore Dollars.

Botanic Gardens
If you want to escape the busy city life you can go to the Botanic Gardens to relax and walk through this 158-year-old UNESCO World Heritage.  It is free of charge. You could combine it with going to Orchard Road (the shopping spot)  because it is nearby. Check here. 

Gardens by the bay at night
If you want to experience a magical show than definitely go to the gardens by the bay at night. The best time to be there is around 7.30 p.m. and 9 p.m. You can always check their schedule on the website to make sure that the program did not change. Check here. 

Water Show
One of the nicest things I have seen is the water show. It is a free show every Sunday till Thursday at 8 pm, 9 pm. And every Friday and Saturday at 8 pm, 9 pm, and 10 pm. (Again double check if they change this program online).The best place to see this show is if you are near the Louis Vuitton Store. If you go outside from the main exit of the Marina Bay Sands shopping mall you will see the show immediately. Check here.

Orchard Road
Is the best place to be if you want to go shopping in Singapore. They have beautiful shops and a tip I can give you is that Apple Products are cheaper than anywhere else. As far as I know. The best things to shop in Singapore are definitely electronics. Also, Sim Lim shopping is a good choice.

Singapore Flyer
I think its overpriced but you might like it. If you want to have a panoramic view. It is Asia’s largest Ferris wheel and you can do the full circle for 33 SPD.  The flyer is 540 feet and has a great view over Singapore. 



Also, check out my Youtube Video Singapore in 48 hours. CHECK IT HERE.



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