The roadmap to an online business
Turn your passion into a successful online business

Have you just started your business, because you want to help people and make the world a bit more beautiful while enjoying more freedom in time, location and financially?

You probably know very well how to do your work, but you do not know exactly how an online business works! You probably want to stay busy with your passion and not be busy trying to  figure out how to make a living with it. This three-month program will help you get clarity, an action plan, helps you with your ideal client and getting a good product offer.

Building the foundation of your business is essentials for sustainable growth. 

startende ondernemer

Do you feel like...

There’s a lot more coming your way than you expected.
You have so many plans and dreams that you often get stuck and don’t know what to do today to realize your dreams.

you get stuck
you have no focus
you don’t know how to be visible online
Are need an action plan and structure
You doubt your niche
You don’t know how to reach your target audience. 
You don’t know how to prize your products/services

Have you started doing business online and have you noticed that you are getting stuck? Have you perhaps tried it yourself for a while, but there is so much information online you don’t know where to start.  

startende ondernemerscoach

My mission is to help you to a successful online business and personal growth. I help you with strategies, marketing and mindset.

I have so much admiration for people who start their own business. I am also happy to help you to make your business a success. I also know that building a business also means meeting yourself and your mindset is very important. As an NLP Master Practitioner I also help you to grow on a personal level.

That is why I developed “From knowing to doing coaching trajectory”. Especially for online entrepreneurs who are about to start a business, have just started or who have been doing business for a while but want to make the transition to online.

What will you learn during this program​​?

During this course I will teach you everything about online entrepreneurship. I learn how to take steps in the right direction with focus and balance. I teach you how to speak the language of your customer, how to be more visible online, how to organize your online business and how important your mindset and self-confidence are.

This is what the 3 month program is practically all about.

6 x  60 minutes 1-on-1 coaching with me.
Weekly TO DO list to maintain focus
8 modules and steps to grow your business.
Feedback on your social media, your product range, your ideal customer, your website
Access to my various planners, Social media content calendar Affirmation Handbook and much more.
Interim support via e-mail and whatsapp
Access to my online masterclasses

mindset podcast

After this coaching program you will have:

more confidence in your product or service
more balance and peace of mind.
Do you know exactly who your ideal customer is and where they are located?
Do you have more self-confidence and do you feel more decisive in your online business, but also outside it.
Do you dare to let yourself be online and are you visible to your potential customer?
Are your online channels ready to generate leads and customers?
Are you an entrepreneur with a new mindset?
Do you have a strong product range?
Have you built up a strong marketing strategy and sales funnel?
Do you have a super beautiful and functional Instagram account

The investment for the coaching program is  €1495,- excluding VAT. You can also pay it in 3 instalments, then it is €500 excluding VAT per month. 

Video reviews:


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Met behulp van Selma's coaching doorbreek ik deze beperkende gedachten en angsten voor 'het onbekende' binnen mum van tijd. Ik heb vertrouwen in mijn eigen kunnen en durf te staan voor mijn skills als ondernemer en business coach - ook voor enorme groepen mensen die allemaal een mening over je uiten. Hierdoor trek ik makkelijk klanten aan en groei ik steeds sneller. Een essentieel onderdeel voor het runnen van een eigen bedrijf. Selma heeft me niet alleen zakelijk, maar ook persoonlijk enorm geholpen. Ze heeft engelengeduld, staat altijd voor me klaar en motiveert me elke dag opnieuw. Ik raad haar aan iedere startende of succesvolle ondernemer aan die nog meer in zijn of haar eigen kracht wil staan.
Miranda Frijns
Miranda Frijns@seriously_wanderlust
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I started a 3-month coaching program with Selma and its the most difficult thing i've ever done. Way out of my comfort zone. she made me face all my fears, find out where they came fromand let go of a lot of things. Deep inside me were still some hidden trauma's. She gave me exercised both mentally and physically and made me set priorities and boundaries. I feel worthy again, got more energy, started smiling again and enjoying the little things. I found so much strength .
Rosemarijn Veenenbos
Rosemarijn Veenenbos@roselante
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Ik heb veel geleerd in het programma. De methodes en strategieën waren heel waardevol. Ik ben erg blij dat ik het 3 maanden coaching traject gedaan heb. Ik kan niet wachten om te zien hoe je anderen verder helpt om in hun kracht te staan en hun zelfvertrouwen te vergroten.

Let me introduce myself…

People who know me well know that I am extremely driven to help others to realize that positive change. Connection with yourself is the key to success, because from there life can flow in the desired direction. Then you get clear what you want. Do what you believe in, and make your personal and career choices based on trust, peace and clarity.My strength as a coach is that I work from empathy and honesty. Coaching is more than just a nice conversation. I hold up a mirror to my clients and shake their world view. Only then can movement arise. In doing so, I combine my knowledge as an NLP Master, marketing, health and entrepreneurship, into an effective coaching program that enables my clients to achieve real success in both their business and their private lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

I understand that. Just try to look at it from a different angle. It will cost you something to make this investment but what will it cost you NOT to do it? What will it cost you in frustration and lost sales because you are not doing the right things?

It may be that you do not yet know whether this is completely for you or that you find it extra exciting financially. I also offer a VIP Session in which we will work together for 2 hours with your struggles. Not all of them, of course, but based on a preparation document, I look at what you encounter and we plan the sessions accordingly. Click here to schedule it.

For anyone who wants to do business online or is already doing business online.

What has that trying to do for you so far? And why do you think that the result you’ve got so far will suddenly be different?

The investment for The coaching trajectory from knowing to doing amounts to 1495,- excluding VAT. You can also pay it in 3 instalments of 500,- excluding VAT.