1-1 Coaching to Gain more freedom as an entrepreneur

1-1 coaching program to gain more freedom as an entrepreneur while working on your online business, time management, money management, alignment and your relationship with yourself and others. 80% mindset and 20% strategies.

Have you been dreaming of more freedom in your life and business but you don't know where to start? Do you feel like you are out of alignment and find it difficult to focus and flow in your business and personal life? I am your coach to support you to more freedom in your business & personal life. 

Do you dream of having the option to travel and work fewer hours on your business? Do you feel like you have been working so hard but not enjoying the money you're making? Or are you feeling more stressed than ever and you're not so sure anymore if this is the right path for you in your business? Do you wish you could enjoy life more while still running an online business and making money online?

I got you!

Inside The Program

This 6 month 1-1 coaching is based on 4 pillars because I believe you need all of them to create a freedom lifestyle that allows you to be mentally and financially free while working on your business. 

Flow in your online business

Use my step to step strategy to gain flow and grow with your online business. I personally help you with your branding, getting clarity and technical aspects of growing and automate your online business. 

Including access to my online academy with 12 modules with tools and tips to grow your business.

Money & Time Management

You can have a lot of money but if you don't let money work for you then what's the point? How do you work on your money mindset and create abundance? Time management is so important when it comes to gaining freedom. How do you manage your time and become free?



Are you still aligned with what you're doing? Do you feel you're living your purpose or do you feel stuck? In order to be in flow and feel free this is important to work on. 

I will be your personal accountability partner to get you out of your head and into your heart.

Confidence & Relationships

How can you be free if you don't have a good relationship with yourself or others? Do you keep yourself in a cage with labels? Do you have a good relationship with yourself and others? You need confidence to stay consistent in your business and trust that you can do this.

“The only real prison is fear, and the only real freedom is freedom from fear".

Become more productive and more focused so you have more freedom with your business.

Do you feel like you're not as motivated anymore and want to be more productive and focused to gain more freedom in your business? Work fewer hours on your business while making more money so you can travel and enjoy more time to do things you love. In this program, I will learn you how!

Finally, make choices that are ALIGNED with You and start flowing in your business.

Did you lose the connection with your online business or do you feel it's not as aligned anymore as you thought it would be? No worries during this program I help you to get back in alignment and help you out of your head into your heart.

What Clients Say


I started working with Selma for another 3 months, where we got to work very practically with my goals and company. Nice practical tips that I can use immediately, very nice! Thank you dear Selma for all your advice, insights and especially the listening ear!

Danique Kolderhof

 / Interior Designer


Thanks to Selma's coaching process, I experience more peace and focus within entrepreneurship. The coaching helped me to develop a powerful mindset and more self-confidence. This is an important foundation on which I can build further. Selma is a great coach who understands what you need.

Manon Graas

/ Online Coach


Selma helped me gain clarity on where to start, whilst not losing sight of my balance. She helped me crush my limiting beliefs. I feel thankful as she helped me make my dream come true: becoming an inspirational online entrepreneur so I can travel the world whilst feeling fulfilled. Hope to see you again soon Selma!

Puck Kroonsberg

/ Tedx Speake

Do you dream of more Freedom?


❤️ Mental Freedom

💸 Financial Freedom

⏱ Time Freedom 

🏖 Location Freedom

Selma Aouichaoui

I have been a digital nomad and online business owner for years now. I went from working 9-5 to building a business only working 4 hours a day. A most important fact, while making way more income than I ever did. It's possible to have a Freedom Lifestyle if you have the right mindset, tools and strategies. In this program, I will help you to a Freedom lifestyle in which I believe and know that it's 80% mindset and 20% strategy. I help you from your heart into your heart. If you're a little bit like me, you love traveling and want to become location-independent. I am here to be the co-pilot on your journey.  

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How to grow your online  business that allows your to be free. 

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