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If You've been thinking about Starting an Online Business for Weeks, Months or Years now but it hasn't happened yet...

You scroll through social media and see others travel the world and make money and wonder, what if I could have the same lifestyle.
You're so fed up with your 9-5  job that doesn't really fullfill you or allow you to be free.
You feel that life has more to offer -  that you could do more and definitely be more.
Maybe you've already done some research to Start an Online Business or Maybe you even already tried to  Start one.
The truth is, where you are at the moment doesn't really matter. What  really matters are the decisions you make and the actions you take today  to get where you to be.

Picture Yourself 3 Months From Now..

  • You Operate a Successful Online Business. 
  • You wake up in the morning fealing energized, happy  and fullfilled because your work is impactful : you're doing something you really love and it's profitable.
  • You decide your own work schedule, you can make Money while Travelling the World and the money is flowing into your  bank account.
  • You're blessed - You have Time, Location & Financial freedom

Now, What you really need is a Clear, Actionable road map to make this visualisation a reality.

Wild Heart Business Academy is your Online Business roadmap!



Hi !  I'm Selma.  I am a digital nomad and online entrepreneur. I've been living my dream life for almost 10 years now.

But the truth is.. It was not always like this.

From a very young age, I grew up with a complete lack of confidence, and no trust in myself - and it eventually led me to depression.

I then started to get into personal development.  I then woke up one day and made the decision to change my life completely. This is when I decided to start my 2 first online businesses  (wich ended up being total failures). 

After University, I didn't really know what to do with my life. So I took  all my remaining savings and bought a one-way ticket to Bali.

This is when my life took a quantum leap.

I met the  most incredible mentors worldwide that helped me  launch the successful  business that allowed me to  keep travelling  for the past years. 

Today,  Im happy and greatful to say that as an Online  Business Coach, I've helped over  300 students create  their dream life.

If so many did  it, you can sure too! 

Love & Gratitude,


Launched My Online Business and Quit my Job after only 4 Weeks 

Selma has a beautiful way of mixing her passion for people, expertise in NLP, and spirit of who she is to help move you along in your business journey. She is direct, yet kind and always sees the good that’s possible for you! Thank you for being you, Selma! 


Follow the Exact Step-by-Step Recipe to Grow your Online Business to 5k/Month

This Complete Online Course will guide you through the exact steps to create a strong foundation for your Online business and scale to 5k/Month within 12-weeks Only (All you need  is  a Wi-Fi Connection)

client puck kroongsberg

Selma was my Coach for 3-months. I started with a ton of ideas not knowing where to start. Moreover, I felt cautious of my energy and fearing I would push myself too much and fall out of balance. Selma helped me gaining clarity on where to start, whilst not losing sight of my balance. She helped me crushing my limiting beliefs. I feel thankful as she helped me making my dream come true: becoming an inspirational online entrepreneur so I can travel the world whilst feeling fulfilled. Hope to see you again soon Selma!.

puck kroongsberg

Want to finally have clients and be free to work from wherever you want? 

Create a continuous flow of Customers and Income. During this online program, I will help you personally to build your online business and create your dream life without working 9-5 every day. 

What's inside the Online Academy

Module  1.

Finding your WHY

Decide on your business idea using my proven framework. Find out what makes you unique and what you really want. Building a business from alignment and wholeheartedly.

Module  2.

Defining your Ideal Client

Find your ideal client. Who do you want to serve? How do you speak their tone of voice and attract them online? You get to choose who you work with, so choose wisely!

Module  3.

Crafting a Strategic Offer

Creating your product/service offer online. Learn my online business model so you can work from anywhere with wi-fi. It is based on a proven strategic offer structure that works  very well for  every industry.

Module  4.

Being Visible Online (Social Media Strategy)

Optimize your social media so that your clients can find you and you show them who you are. Why should they connect with you? Learn how to engage with your audience and grow your audience. 

Module  5.

Building a Powerful Sales Funnel & Automations

You want to build a good funnel with potential clients. During this module, we will build automation and create a sales funnel that works with mail marketing.

Module  6.

Writing Copy that Connects & Converts 

The tone of voice and how you communicate online are important for building a successful online business. Learn how to write content that works and converts. 

Module  7.

Building a Powerful Website 

A website is more than just a business card. How do you create a website that converts and keeps your audience engaged? How do you guide your potential clients to register, buy and contact you. 

Module  8.

Running Successful Ads Online

Don't just make ads and spend money and hope it will work. During this program, you learn how to create powerful advertisements. Never created ads? No problem we teach you all about it.

Module  9.

Leading & Closing Sales  

Sales can be fun if you look at it differently. During this program, We show you how to have fun with sales. 

Module  10.

Goals Setting & Action Plan 

Without a goal and an action plan no results. What are your financial goals? How do you want to grow? How is your strategy working and how do you need to change your strategy to reach your goals? You get workbooks and accountability documents to measure it all!

Module  11.

Must-haves & do's as an Online Business Owner

Work Smarter, not harder. Learn which apps and software you can use to make your life as a business owner easier. Learn how to automate stuff and how to let your business work for you. Work smarter not harder, are you ready? 

Module  12.

Growing your Mindset & Accelerate your Growth

Learn how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. How to be goal-oriented, how to create discipline a growth mindset, and work with the law of attraction. 


  • 12 Video Courses Modules (€2,500 value)
  • 10+ Workbooks  Social Media Content Calendar & More ( €800 value)
  • Exclusive Masterclasses with Experts & Successful Entrepreneurs ( €500 value)
  • Private Facebook Community where we give feedback, answer questions, and host live Q&As (€500 value)
  • Weekly, Monthly & Yearly TO DO list to maintain focus ( €100 value)





Save money by paying upfront. You pay less and you commit yourself fully to change and growth.

3 monthly payments 



3 monthly payments to help you create more freedom in your finances. 


See the most asked questions

How much time do i need to invest this program?

You will receive a module every week with a new module which will take approximately 1 hour. Viewing and elaborating the information from the module requires approximately half a day per week. Block that time in your calendar.

How long do i have access to the online platform?

You have 1-year access to my online academy.

I do not have a business yet is it for me?

If you want to avoid my expensive beginner mistakes, this is a great program for you. During the first module, I will help you to gain more knowledge about what you really want and what makes you unique. During our coaching calls, we can spend some extra time on it. So if you don't have a practice yet, this is the very best way to start 'right first time.

is there personal guidance?

Yes, this program offers you 6 personal coaching calls with me. Compared to a lot of other business programs it's very personal. I always keep in mind that every business and every person is different. You will get a pre-questionnaire before the coaching starts so I can see exactly what you are struggling with and help you specifically with that.

What if i go on a holiday during this program?

That's no problem at all. As I know a lot of my clients are travel lovers I know that it can happen that you need a week off. You can do something extra the other week.

should i try it myself first? I find investing in myself scary

I understand that. Just try to look at it from a different angle. It will cost you something to make this investment but what will it cost you NOT to do it? What will it cost you in frustration and lost sales because you don't know how to do it the right way? 

How did trying yourself work for you right now? And why do you think that the result you’ve got so far will suddenly be different?

Are You  Ready to finally Choose  to Live your Dream Life?