Rise & Shine

Unleash Your Potential

Face your fears


In this 8-week online course starting 12th of January 2024 you will learn how unleash your potential, step into your greatness. You will learn to overcome self-doubt, start taking the steps you already wanted to take for years (follow your Wild Heart) and create a plan to make 2024 your year. 

Learn to feel what sets your soul on fire and gain the confidence to do what you want whether it is to start or grow your online business, travel the world, make the impact you’re longing for or finally have the courage to follow your dreams.

Does this sound like you...
  • You feel stuck in your daily life. You’re craving clarity about the next steps because you want to have a plan and stick to it. But you don’t know where to start.
  • You know deep inside your can do so much more, but fear freezes you to take action.
  • If this sounds like you, I want you to know you’re meant for so much more.
  • You’re afraid of taking the next step in your life and therefore you don’t move forward.
  • You’re afraid of taking the next step in your life and therefore you don’t move forward.
  • You know what you don’t want or what doesn’t make you happy. But you’re not entirely sure about your passions, your dreams and goals. It feels like there are some pieces of the puzzle missing.
  • You know you have to work on your mindset and learn more about manifestation but You don’t know how and you keep getting in a negative loop.
  • You find yourself overthinking, doubting and getting frustrated. Meanwhile you feel you are in the same place you were last year not closer to your goals.
Let's leave the fear behind and work on your mindset to start LIVING a life you REALLY want. Reconnect with yourself again and your purpose.
Imagine a life filled with...

Clarity and focus. You know exactly what you want and connect with your heart so you’ll always know which steps to take and what to focus on

Inspired action. You stop procrastinating your plans because you feel confident about your ideas and skills

Making dreams come true. You follow your passions and do what you love. Instead of following the path everyone seems to follow 

Energy and a healthy dose of “I live life on my own terms”. What you always knew was inside of you, is finally coming out and no family member, friend or colleague can get you off track 

Positive Self-Talk. That voice of your own inner critic is gone, instead finally trust yourself and feel the power burning inside

I’m Selma Aouichaoui

I believe that your heart knows the way. A lot of people make up excuses to stay in their comfort zone and overthink a lot. With the result of being stuck and not living their dream life. I am here to help you change that. 

I will be your coach during this course. If you want to know more about me click on the link.

About the
Rise & Shine course

Modules with Studio-Video Teachings 

in the comfort of your own home. You can watch all the video’s every week. You will be guided to see which videos you need to watch and which steps to take after. These videos are fun and easy to watch. They’re not to long and will get you into action straight away

Powerful Guided Audio Practices & Meditations

It’s time to dive deep and go beyond knowledge and start doing. Therefore in the modules there are also Deep dive meditations and audio practices. This allows the teachings to be received far beyond the mind. 

A Daily, Weekly and Monthly planner

The first 20 minutes of your day can shape how your entire day unfolds. Also it’s proven to take a big goal and make it into little goals to achieve what you want. This course provides you a proven method how to move forward faster. 

Life-Time Access to the Online Course Material

That’s right! This course is yours to keep for a lifetime! As we move through different cycles/stages in life it is extremely powerful to re-access this content when you need it the most. 

Changing Your Patterns and Mindset Sheets that will change your life.

Without action no progress. I want you to feel how FUN it is to take action out of your comfort zone and provide you WOW moments on how to change your mindset and patterns. 

Two online live group connection sessions to ask questions and dive deeper.

I want you to get the most out of this course so we will do 2 group connections sessions so you can connect with like-minded people, ask questions and learn from others. These sessions will be hosted by Selma.

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What's Inside the course

Week 1 
Your Inner Power

You will be Understanding Your Inner Power. We will dive into why you haven’t stepped into your power yet and you get the tools on how to tap into your power.  How to embrace your uniqueness and individuality as sources of strength, not weaknesses.

Week 2 
Overcoming Self Doubt

How have you been viewing the world? What have you been telling yourself? You can be your own worst enemy for growth and in this week I will shine the light on what’s been keeping you small. How to change the view on yourself and how to gain the power to follow your path. 

Week 3 
Your Heart's Desire

What are your values? What sets your soul on fire? Rediscover your authenticity by aligning with your true desires, values, and passions. After identifying, self reflection and reconnecting to yourself we will dive into visualizing and crafting your new story.

Week 4
Manifestation & The Power of Energy

 Let’s learn how to visualize, meditate and work with the energy within you to create the world outside of you. In this week you will get mind-blowing results when you start to understand how powerful your mind and your energy is. 

Week 5 
Overcoming fear and embracing change

As you’ll leave your comfort zone during this course, you’ll probably hear those little voices whispering in your head: “Don’t do it. Who are you to do this? What if it won’t work out?”. In this week you’ll learn how to deal with fear, resistance and self-sabotaging behaviours.

Week 6
How to lead your life with your heart

You might have heard it before but your heart does know the way. Even if you don’t hear the whispers of your heart now, you’ll hear it after this week of feeling into what’s the right path for you and how to let go of the “society ways of thinking”. 

Week 7
Action Plan for the year

That’s right! We are going to create an action plan that’s going to help you reach your goals way faster in 2024. Not only will we focus on steps to reach your goals, but also which mindset action stept you need to take. No room for imposter syndrome this year. 

Week 8
Gain more Freedom

You’ll break free from all the limitations you’ve been creating in your head (and life!). Whether you want to quit your 9-5 job, travel the world, make an impact while living abroad or get rid of energy drainers in your life  in this week you’ll learn how to create freedom in your life.


Along with the amazing content and transformative experiences, you’re in for some delightful surprises! 🎁

And trust me, these aren’t just any bonuses; they’re handpicked to enhance your experience and bring even more value to your journey.

Are You Read y


Rise & Shine

Let me tell you about the


Do you have thoughts like you’re not good enough, you’re not worthy. You’re not sure how to step into your greatness and you feel like you will never live your full potential. Think again. If others can do it, you can too! And in this course I will help you to make 2024 your year. 

Start date 12th of January 2024.


The course runs over 8 weeks starting 12th of January 2024. Each of the 8 modules is structured and released on a weekly basis to maximise your retention and embodiment of the teachings in this course.

That’s O.K – it’s important to go at your own pace! It takes a minimum of one week to integrate the teachings of each module. If you’re feeling like you’re not keeping up, you can slow it down and start each module when you’re ready.

I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me within 30 days of purchase and we will give you a refund.

Everything will be recorded so you can look it back at your own time. 

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like  across any and all devices you own.

If you’re concerned about following an English course as a Dutch speaker, don’t worry. The course is specifically designed to be easy to follow, even if English isn’t your first language. The videos are created with simplicity in mind, explaining concepts in an accessible and straightforward manner. You won’t encounter difficult or complex English words.

No this is a groups program so everything will be done in groups. You do have the option to add 1-1 coaching with me. 

If you have any other questions feel free to email the team: selma@selmaa.com