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New Year, New You (1-Month of training) 

Let's make 2023 YOUR year. 

You can register right here for the 4-week training which starts Sunday, January 8th, it is a fun and interactive 4-Week training designed to help you kick-start your year, get clarity on your goals, make vision boards, gain confidence, let go of old patterns, learn to manifest your dream life and get yourself an action plan that works for you. So you have a structure and enough motivation to reach your goals and manifest your dream life. 

What is this month of training all about?

During this month I will help you get clarity on your goals for this year and an action plan to achieve and manifest your dream life. 






Did you know only 9% of people keep their new year's resolutions and reach their goals?
It doesn't matter what your goals are I will help you develop the necessary skills and mindset ahead of time so you can have a clear plan and a strategy to reach your goals this year with confidence.

live online coaching

What do you get:

  • 4x Live Groups Coaching every week of January. (replays available)
  • A Private Facebook Community to connect and engage with (You're not alone)
  • Access to my online learning platform with weekly modules for you to work through and implement
  • Actionable Workbooks that help you get clarity on your goals, manifest, get confidence and more.
  • Yearly, Monthly, Weekly and Daily planners to structure your goals this year.
  • Bonus: Meditations to get out of your head and into your heart.

    Everything now only for €333,-.
    Limited spots are available, because I want to give everyone enough energy. 

Do you want...

  • A year where you finally reach your goals and have a good action plan 
  • Let go of limiting beliefs and start going all in for your dreams
  • Learn how to manifest, visualise and realize your dream life in 2023 
  • Learn how know what you want in life and how to attract it with a plan 
  • Get out of the vicious circle and learn how to get clarity and structure in 2023 
  • Gain confidence in yourself and your goals and gain motivation to start right away
  • A year plan that works for you divided in small steps monthly and weekly

2023 is Your Story

What will you get out of this EXCLUSIVE training:

  • Can you use some support when it comes to setting clear goals, and gaining clarity on how to achieve those goals. We will do this together. So you have a clear plan for 2023.
  • Learn how I manifested my dream life and how you can too! I will dive into why sometimes manifesting doesn't work and how you can change that. It 100% works if you know how.
  • You learn to make a vision board and get clarity about what you really want. Making it visual and learning how to visualise
  • Get a clear direction and learn how to set goals that work. We will plan your whole year and how to achieve your goals. You will receive a weekly, monthly and yearly planner. 
  • You can't reach your goals if you don't believe in it. We will dive into gaining confidence and letting go of limiting beliefs. 
  • In addition, you will receive a 2023 YEAR package and you will have access to various meditations and online workbooks with assignments and tips for the whole year of 2023. 


what people say

client puck kroongsberg
Puck Kroonsberg

Public speaker -  tedx speaker

I started with a ton of ideas not knowing where to start. Moreover, I felt cautious of my energy and fearing I would push myself too much and fall out of balance. Selma helped me gaining clarity on where to start, whilst not losing sight of my balance. She helped me crushing my limiting beliefs. I feel thankful as she helped me making my dream come true: becoming an inspirational online entrepreneur so I can travel the world whilst feeling fulfilled. 

medical doctor and coach

 I totally recommend Selma's services! She's so straight to the point and also really action-oriented. She has so much knowledge to share that can totally change one's business and the ability to put you back on track. I am really thankful for the work we did together!

Warning: More than half of all resolutions fail, but this year, they don’t have to be yours. 

Hi, I'm Selma. It's great to see you here!

Quickly introduction so you can get to know me a little bit better. I am an international Freedom Business coach and founder of Your Mindset Academy. I am a certified NLP Master coach and member of NOBCO. I work from my laptop anywhere in the world and help ambitious professionals grow in terms of entrepreneurship and mindset. I coach very much on the subconscious and try to make people as "awake" as possible. Everything is possible, train your mindset to get where you want to be. After five years of experience in the field of Businesss, entrepreneurial mindset and manifesting, I love to teach you all my knowledge and experiences. You can also achieve what you want, you can learn how!
Are you ready to learn how to make 2023 your year?

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Exclusive January Deal

Limited Time Offer and limited spots Available. So I can Give everyone enough energy in January 2023

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