Create a game plan for 2023 to Awaken your potential in 2023

Date & time :

January 12th, 2023

7:30  PM Amsterdam Time 


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What You’ll learn in this Masterclass:

Finally, make choices that are aligned with you and start flowing in your life. Making new years resolutions is easy but keeping them and reaching your goals is something else. During this masterclass, I will help you get clarity, set goals and learn how you can manifest your dream life with a plan. We will do this by focussing on the law of attraction, your old patterns and limiting beliefs that are holding you back to live your full potential and STOP playing small in life.

How to stay in balance while reaching your goals

How to let go of limiting beliefs and let go of old patterns

Learn how to make an action plan that works for you 


  • How to get clarity on your goals and how to get structure to realize your goals 
  • How to stop playing small and gain confidence to live your full potential 
  • How do you break old patterns and how to gain motivation 
  • Which important elements should not be missing in your game plan
  • How the law of attraction helps you manifest your dream life 

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Your Webinar Host:

Selma Aouichaoui

I have been a digital nomad and online business owner for years now. I went from working 9-5 to building a business only working 4 hours a day. A most important fact, while making way more income than I ever did. It's possible to have a Freedom Lifestyle if you have the right mindset, tools and strategies. In this program, I will help you to a Freedom lifestyle in which I believe and know that it's 80% mindset and 20% strategy. I help you from your heart into your heart. If you're a little bit like me, you love traveling and want to become location-independent. I am here to be the co-pilot on your journey.  

Spots on the live masterclass are limited!

Reserve your seat now and join us live for the masterclass that will change the way you think about reaching your goals and manifest your dream life.