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How to start your online business

I know how it feels to start an online business without having the knowledge or having any entrepreneurs around you. Start investing time and energy in yourself and your growth. Join this online training on how to create your online business and create a digital nomad lifestyle. Take control of your life and gain knowledge to build a successful online business.

In the Online 45-minute Training I will help you with your questions about starting an online business. How to create a successful an online business so you can work location independently and sip your coconut on a beach in Bali while working on your business. Building an online business requires a strategy and knowledge about entrepreneurship.

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About me

Hi, I’m Selma Aouichaoui and as an online Business & Mindset Coach it is my mission to help you make choices from your heart, so that you can create your dream life and grow your business.

I was born in The Hague and currently live in Amsterdam. I travel the world a lot as a Digital Nomad. I’ve been doing this since I was 21.

Now years later I have lived in 7 different countries and built 3 companies online. I’ve been traveling as a Digital Nomad for years and living the life I’ve always dreamed of. I also believe that you can live your potential. My mission is to create confident women who live a life on their own terms.

Coaching is more than just a nice conversation. I hold up a mirror to my clients and shake their world view. Only then can movement arise. In doing so, I combine my knowledge as an NLP Master, marketing expert, and mindset skills to create an effective coaching program that enables my clients to achieve real success in both their business and their private lives.