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You are ambitious and want to achieve success in both your work and private life. But no matter how hard you work, you can’t get there. You struggle daily with stress and uncertainty in your private and work life. Thoughts like: “Can I do it”, “Am I good enough” and “Where do I want to go in my career” hold you back. You often feel that you are stuck in unhealthy patterns, or in work that does not suit you. You want to change, but you find it very scary to get out of your comfort zone. 

I know how stressful, challenging and tiring this is, because I have experienced this myself for years. In that period I would have liked someone to guide me, so that I could focus my energy on what I really wanted. That is why I now help people as a confidence and business coach   to more self-confidence, clarity, and strategic steps towards a successful work and private life.

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You are in charge of this journey and everything is possible.

Realizing your dream life based on self-confidence and a clear vision.

What would it be like if you could work from anywhere?

What would it be like for you if you could take clear steps towards your goals with confidence and clarity? That you can wholeheartedly say YES to the career and life you dream of? And dare to say no, everything that stops you there? And that every day you experience the energy, connection with yourself and the freedom that you so long for? You too can realize that. You can achieve success in your private and work life by fully supporting your choices based on self-confidence and clarity and by doing what really makes you happy. And I’ll help you get the right mindset!

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Self-criticism and lack of confidence are what is holding us back from the world from our gifts. Once you can see how you are holding yourself back you can start to make the changes required to move forwards.

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I help you to get out of your comfort zone to experience more freedom (financial, mentally and physical) in your life.

How many coaching books about success and self-confidence have you already read without results? How many hours have you wasted on negative thoughts that only make you feel insecure and hold you back from making the desired changes? And how long can you still manage to waste your precious energy on a job that does not suit you? Procrastination, uncertainty, stress, and doubt? If you are very honest with yourself, you know that if you want to achieve real success in your personal and work life, something has to change. Otherwise you will remain stuck where you are now, and in a year from now you will still feel exactly the way you feel now. Do you choose to stay where you are now? Or will you take action and, with my help, will you realize the success and life that you have been dreaming of for so long? The choice is yours!

About me

I am a Confidence & Business Coach a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, NLP Master, and the founder of Your Mindset Academy.

My mission is to help people around the world live a more fulfilled and happier life. I have lived around the world and I went from self-doubt,  lack of confidence, lack of clarity and lack of motivation to starting two businesses from scratch and living a fulfilled life with focus and direction. I live on my own terms now and I wish this for everyone. If I can do it, you can do it too!

This work is important to me because I know what it feels like to struggle with uncertainty, doubt and that negative voice that is holding you back. I wish I had someone next to me who could help me to be in my strength. 

That is why, as a confidence & business coach, I now give the world what I myself have missed and which I know many people miss.

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“One of the greatest discoveries I had was that living in fear and with a low-self esteem wasn’t going to get me to living my full potential and my dreams. ”

Your transformation will start by accepting where you are right now. You can’t go back and change the past. All you have is this very moment, right here, right now. 

And, it is in this moment that you have to make a decision.You can keep going with the same mindset and skills that are giving you the results you don’t want in your life… or better…You can start developing a powerful mindset and skills that will serve you for life, no matter what it is you want…

Love, sELMA
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