How to build your online business and work location independently.

Learn how to build your online business and work location independently.

I do believe in: freedom of location and financially. I don't believe in: being stuck in the rat race of society.

I have lived all over the world while working on my business. You can too! I created a roadmap to an online business that works.

online business coach

Have you dreamt of living a location independent lifestyle, but now you feel overwhelmed by the online information about making your business work? You escaped the rat race to build your business to have freedom in time, location and financially. But in reality you are worried whether you can make a reliable income from the comfort of your laptop while being in a beautiful place somewhere on the other side of the world? Maybe you start to think having an online business and being a digital nomad is an unachievable and impossible goal?


online business coach

I believe you 100% can, I know it might seem challenging but it’s not impossible. I used to think this as well. Now I am living between The Netherlands and Bali. I have a successful online business and I have been helping over 300 people worldwide in setting up their online businesses. I have clients now traveling and working in Mexico, Spain, South Africa, Bali, etc. 

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