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Do you want to learn the EXACT online skills that I used on a daily basis in my business to create my freedom lifestyle? In this FREE ebook, I give you the first steps you have to take in order to create a successful online business that will allow you to work location independently and will help you to get clients faster. You are probably still struggling with creating an online business out of your passion. Maybe you are not sure what your passion is and you start doubting yourself and your dreams? It's okay, I have been there too! Know that confidence is essential to living your dream life and to stay motivated to push through when things get hard. 

After reading my ebook you will:

  • Know how to gain the confidence to believe in your online business and get into ACTION TODAY! 
  • You know how to find your ideal client and how to reach out to them.
  • You know how to be visible online and what to focus on to get clients faster.
  • How to create a service/product offer that matches your client's needs.
  • You know how to be visible online and what to focus on to get clients faster.

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Selma was my Coach for 3-months. I started with a ton of ideas not knowing where to start. Moreover, I felt cautious of my energy and feared I would push myself too much and fall out of balance. Selma helped me gain clarity on where to start, whilst not losing sight of my balance. She helped me crush my limiting beliefs. I feel thankful as she helped me make my dream come true: becoming an inspirational online entrepreneur so I can travel the world whilst feeling fulfilled. Hope to see you again soon Selma!.

Puck Kroonsberg- Social Impact Entrepreneur

You are working hard, but not enough clients are coming in.

I get it you have been working hard and you have a lot to do but you don't know where to start. You feel like you are working way more than you should. You wanted to create a freedom lifestyle for yourself but you feel more stuck than before.

If you don’t learn how to build an online business and get clients you will have to give up your dream of traveling to beautiful places around the world while working online. You will not take that one-way ticket to paradise and you will have to go back to a 9-5 job because you have bills that need to be paid. You will never get the opportunity to explore the world.  Your business starts to feel more like a passion project than a real business at the moment. 

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Selma Aouichaoui

My name is Selma Aouichaoui, a Confidence & Business Mentor for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and creator of Your Mindset Academy. 

When I started my first business I made a lot of mistakes I didn't have any entrepreneurs around me and no experience in building business. But deep down I knew this freedom lifestyle is what I want to create for myself. 

Since then I’ve been building multiple successful businesses with confidence, I have the freedom to work from anywhere, freedom financially and I am committed to sharing my vision, and knowledge with you so you can create a successful business and a freedom lifestyle too! 

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