Are you ready to…

Boost your confidence and live life on your OWN terms
✨Get clarity so you can move forward and succeed more in life & business
✨Let go of self-doubt and reclaim your worthiness
✨Create Balanced Relationship with yourself, with family, work & business
✨Are you ready to trade overwhelm, stress, and burnout for vibrant health and well being?
✨Do you want to overcome fear and anxiety so you can start living the life that you deserve?


Enjoy 60 minute sessions 

10 sessions Confidence Coaching package
20 sessions Confidence coaching package

As a Certified Master Coach I will help you get insight on your belief-system, your behaviour and your identity with NLP Techniques. We will work with practical steps to change the message that you are teling yourself. We go for sustainable change so no quick fixes. After every coaching session you will get assignments in your folder that will help you further in between the sessions.

Here are the outcomes:

✨Have a better connection with yourself
✨Begin to own your story, which results in you navigating your life and business with clarity, focus and confidence. 
✨Be more mindful and present of your own thoughts
✨Have a healthier daily routine that will help you succeed more in your life and business
✨Have more confidence in your daily life so you can live on your terms
✨You will have a plan and action steps to get into your dream life vision
✨I have proven results in guiding women and men to gain control over their life, career and dreams.

Weekly Follow-up email & actionable steps

After each call, I will forward you the session document where  your next actionable steps, topics of interest we covered, as well as ideas of reflections or questions to reflect on during the week. It is ideal to keep track of what we covered and observe measurable and qualitative progress.

Priority access to me via email or Instagram direct message

Since so much can happen in between our sessions,  you have priority access to me via email from Monday to Friday between 9-5. It is ideal for direct feedback on ideas, to keep me updated on change and progress or to get quick guidance before your next session.

Exercise sheets or guided audio meditations

I will provide E-books, Exercise sheets which are perfect to make a progress summary of the month, track your actions and reflect on where your focus should be at for the next month. I will provide a lot of value such as guided audio meditations, nutrition plans,  work out ideas when needed.