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Learn to follow your heart

This 8 week program for sisters who are ready for inner growth and want to call in powerful support. The program is tailor made to the individual to meet their needs. Including 4 powerful 1-1 coaching calls. 

During the coaching sessions I help you to connect again with yourself. Learn to go from your head to your heart so you can make choices that feel aligned with who you are. 

What is included:
– 8 weeks Coaching by Selma and check ins & online sessions
– 1 hour biweekly coaching session
– Weekly email check in
– Rituals/ meditations / home work to focus on
* Self investment of €1495,-

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Healing HEART

How do you follow your wild heart?

By feeling again, connecting with who you really are. What’s underneath the surface? You probably feel unhappy for a reason. You are not living your dream life or following your potential. This means you are stuck and probably don’t know how to connect again with who you really are. Do you have any of the following:



feeling stuck




Lack of energy

Feeling tired

not taking risks

lack of confidence

Client experiences

Working with Selma has helped me gain clarity in what I want with my life. I knew very well what I did not want, but that didn’t help me any further. With her great listening skills she was able to hear between my words and helped me to gain the clarity I needed to take the next step to create my dream life. Thanks to her great coaching and accountability skills I can say I’m proud of the steps I’m taking towards the life I want. The assignments she created are very personal and fun to do. I always feel super energised after our calls, it’s like getting a body, mind and soul recharge.

Shari, The Netherlands

review coaching client

I can honestly say working with Selma has boosted my confidence in my personal life and professional life. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for guidance in their careers or even life. She has alot to offer and is truly smart but most importantly she cares and supports you 100%. I am more confident in applying for jobs, I too know how to present myself.

Kelly Marshall, South Africa

miranda client review

I started a 3-month coaching program with Selma and its the most difficult thing i've ever done. Way out of my comfort zone. she made me face all my fears, find out where they came fromand let go of a lot of things. Deep inside me were still some hidden trauma's. She gave me exercised both mentally and physically and made me set priorities and boundaries. I feel worthy again, got more energy, started smiling again and enjoying the little things. I found so much strength .

Miranda, The Netherlands

Selma has a beautiful way of mixing her passion for people, expertise in NLP, and spirit of who she is to help move you along in your journey. She is direct, yet kind and always sees the good that’s possible for you! Thank you for being you, Selma! Lauren

Lauren Vejar, USA

Follow your wild heart program

Let go

Get out your comfort zone

A better life starts with you taking action.