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  • How to Master an Entrepreneurial Mindset
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  • My online business model helps you get consistent clients.
  • Bonus: Workbook: Creating a Brand that Makes an Impact. How to Decide on Your Brand Story
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I started creating my dream life by stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things. Living in your head only leads to worry and inaction.

Starting my businesses taught me invaluable lessons. Without any prior experience as an entrepreneur and no one in my family or friend groups to guide me, I ventured into the unknown. This journey made me realize how overwhelming it can be to be a solo entrepreneur without anyone to hold you accountable.

I believe that freedom is possible for anyone willing to take risks, invest in themselves, and learn from their mistakes.  I followed my heart, even when everyone told me not to, and it has led to the most beautiful adventures. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.  Let me help you Kickstart your online remote business.

Selma has a beautiful way of mixing her passion for people, expertise in NLP, and spirit of who she is to help move you along in your business journey. She is direct, yet kind and always sees the good that’s possible for you! Thank you for being you, Selma! 


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