The Secret of living your dream life in less than three months.

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In this LIVE 45-minute masterclass, I am going to learn you the 5 keys to building the confidence you need to follow your heart and build your dream life within three months.

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What you will learn in this masterclass:

Building confidence is key to success in life and business. During this masterclass, I am going to explain to you the steps to elevate your confidence and your power to follow your heart.  So let me take you on a journey for 45 minutes and help you move forward. It’s completely free!

How to believe in yourself 

Do you find it difficult to believe in yourself? You want to create that dream life but you don't think you deserve it or you CAN do it. Others must be lucky or talented? If you feel you're lacking the confidence to create the life you really want, then this masterclass is for you. 

How to find your strengths

You possess tremendous power and strength. When you learn to accept and use that strength instead of fear it, you can be one of the happiest, most effective, and inspirational people around. 

How to let go of your inner critic

Your inner critic will find ways to keep you small. Let me tell you how to deal with your inner critic so it won't get in your way of creating your dream life. 

How to make an action plan and start TODAY!

Living your dream life is all about action and consistency in this masterclass I learn you how to make an action plan and START TODAY!


What they say

Selma really helped me to understand where I was holding myself back to do what I really wanted in life. This masterclass made me change my habits!

Mikayla Harris - Designer
empowerment coach

I followed Selma for a while and went to her masterclass to learn how to step up my game. Right after the masterclass, I decided to write out an action plan to create my dream life.

Miranda - Blogger

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Hee so nice to meet you! My name is Selma Aouichaoui. I am a digital nomad and online entrepreneur. I have been a digital nomad for almost 10 years now and I have been living my dream life for a while now. From a very young age, I got into personal development. I was bullied for years and grew up with a lack of confidence, and no trust in myself, and this led to depression. I decided to change my life and start living my dream life. I traveled around the world and learned from the most incredible teachers worldwide. 

Now I am happy, fulfilled and living my best life. I know you can too and that's why I made it my job to help you achieve this. I believe that you can live your dream life if you change your mindset and work on your confidence. If I can do it, you can too! 

Hope to see you in the masterclass! It's totally free!

Love & Gratitude,