Confidence Coaching Program 

In life, it's easy to feel like you're adrift, watching your dreams from a distance, waiting for that magical moment to arrive. But what if I told you that today is that moment? It's time to seize control, to turn those dreams into your reality, and I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

I understand those moments when self-doubt and insecurity grip your heart, when you wonder if you'll ever break free from the shadows of your past mistakes. The world can be a tough place, and it often feels like you're standing alone against the tide. But you're not alone; I'm here for you. 

✨ A Journey to Confidence: Your Personalized Path ✨

Imagine rediscovering your passion, letting go of the weight of others' opinions, and silencing the inner critic that whispers self-doubt. My Confidence Coaching Program is crafted just for you. It's your roadmap to self-assurance, empowerment, and epic success.

I got you!

Your Dreams, Your Journey: Let's Begin🌟

You're not just another client; you're someone with unique dreams, fears, and aspirations. Whether you're an entrepreneur facing tough decisions, someone navigating the complexities of relationships, an employee looking to take the next step, or simply seeking a more positive self-image, I'm here to support you.

πŸ”₯ Take the First Step: Your Tomorrow Starts Today πŸ”₯

Your dreams, those vivid aspirations you've held close to your heart, deserve to become your reality. It's not about surviving; it's about thriving. Let's face it, there will always be storms, obstacles, and darkness. But you know what? That's where legends are born.

You are the author of your life's story. The journey might be challenging, but the direction is clear: forward, towards a confident, purposeful, and fulfilled you. I'm here to help you write that story, one bold step at a time.

 What will you get🌟

Each 12-week program is tailored to each client.

Get Clarity and get connected with yourself.

  • what is confidence is and how a lack of it is holding you back
  •  negative thoughts are doing to your life goals
  •  Get the clarity on what holds you back
  • what you want in and from life
  • Get your why CLEAR what makes you happy and confident

Destroy the FEAR of failure and step outside your comfort zone.

  • Discover how to get comfortable with fear
  • Find out how to really care less what others think
  • say goodbye to your negative self-talk
  • Overcoming self-doubt
  • Let go of the fear of judgement. 
  • step out of your comfort zone
  • Learn to say NO and say YES to your wild heart.

Visualize Your Most Confident Self & Manifest it by taking action. 

  • embrace whatever it is you want
  • Start letting go of your old story and build a new one
  • Start seeing your potential 
  • Visualize your new reality
  • How to manifest your new self
  • How ENERGY and Motion influences your confidence
  • Find out why everything you say and everything you think determines your reality

Build Killer Confidence and step into living your dream life. 

  • The Ultimate Confidence Strategy
  • Skyrocket your self-esteem 
  • How to connect with 
  • Recognise the true power of your thoughts and words
  • not letting other people's opinions stop you
  • managing negative people around you

β€œThe only real prison is fear, and the only real freedom is freedom from fear".

Do you feel like...

πŸ€” You constantly compare yourself to others and feel inadequate?
πŸ’¬ Imposter syndrome plague your thoughts and make you doubt your abilities?
🧠 You are plagued by overthinking, anxiety, and ruminating thoughts that steal your joy?
πŸ™Œ Craving approval from others, often forgetting your own desires?
🀝 you are a people-pleaser, struggling to set boundaries and say 'no'?
πŸ‘₯ You fear confrontation, sacrificing your mental health to 'keep the peace'?
πŸ”Š Your inner critic relentlessly put you down, hindering your self-belief?
πŸ™… Fear is holding you back, preventing you from chasing your dreams and taking action?
πŸ‘€ You fear being your authentic self and worry about what others might think?
😫 FOMO is leaving you overwhelmed, burnt out, and unbalanced?

Imagine a life where you possess:

✨ Unshakeable Faith: In yourself and your abilities.
😌 Peace of Mind: Happiness, contentment, and deep self-worth.
πŸ™ Self-Validation: Feeling valued, appreciated, and loved just as you are.
πŸš€ Courage: Saying 'no,' setting boundaries, and pursuing your desires.
πŸ’ͺ Action: Going after what you truly desire, both personally and professionally.
😊 Fulfillment: In your life and career.
🀝 Resilience: To deal with judgment and stop worrying about others' opinions.
🧘 Grounded Energy: A sense of balance and vitality.
🌟 Authenticity: Showing up as your true self, unapologetically.

What Clients Say


I started working with Selma for another 3 months, where we got to work very practically with my goals and company. Nice practical tips that I can use immediately, very nice! Thank you dear Selma for all your advice, insights and especially the listening ear!

Danique Kolderhof

 / Interior Designer


Thanks to Selma's coaching process, I experience more peace and focus within entrepreneurship. The coaching helped me to develop a powerful mindset and more self-confidence. This is an important foundation on which I can build further. Selma is a great coach who understands what you need.

Manon Graas

/ Online Coach


Selma helped me gain clarity on where to start, whilst not losing sight of my balance. She helped me crush my limiting beliefs. I feel thankful as she helped me make my dream come true: becoming an inspirational online entrepreneur so I can travel the world whilst feeling fulfilled. Hope to see you again soon Selma!

Puck Kroonsberg

/ Tedx Speake

Do you dream of more Freedom?

If you're craving more confidence, battling self-esteem issues, hearing your inner critic's harsh whispers, and yearning for a bigger and better life, then this program is designed specifically for YOU.

It's time to break free from the comparison trap, silence imposter syndrome, and reclaim your inner power.

Don't let self-doubt rob you of the life you deserve. Embrace your unshakeable confidence and step into the extraordinary. You were born with the confidence you deserve, and it's time to reclaim it.

🌟 You Deserve Unshakeable Confidence. Are You Ready to Claim It? 🌟

Selma Aouichaoui

You're probably here because you're not living your dream life and you're lacking confidence to take the steps. I completely understand how that feels.

I've walked your path because I've lived it. I was once a girl with zero confidence, enduring years of bullying. I felt worth less than all the people around me. But today, I'm the person who follows her heart, making life decisions with unwavering confidence and made so many dreams come true, because of it. 

I understand what it's like to feel lost, uncertain, and overwhelmed by self-doubt. That's precisely why I'm here to guide you. I've transformed more than 800+ clients worldwide with confidence and business. I know you can do more and I am here to help you see it, get into action and start LIVING your dreams. 

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