Do you want to have more freedom, income and and become location independent?

In 3 months you will not only learn everything about building and scaling your online business, but you will also learn how to think as an entrepreneur and manifest. Ready to buy that plane ticket and start working wherever you want?

Two spots left this year! 

Register directly below for the or request a match call first to see if the Business Academy would be a good next step for you.

Ready to build or scale your online business and have a one-way ticket to impact and freedom?

Have you been feeling...


Do you want to finally have clients and be free to work from wherever you want?

You scroll through social media and see others travel the world and make money and wonder, what if I could have the same lifestyle.

You’re so fed up with your 9-5  job that doesn’t really fullfill you or allow you to be free.

You feel that life has more to offer that you could do more and definitely be more.

Maybe you’ve already done some research to Start an Online Business or Maybe you even already tried to Start one.

The truth is, where you are at the moment doesn’t really matter. What  really matters are the decisions you make and the actions you take today to get where you to be.

Picture yourself 3 months from now...

You Operate a Successful Online Business. 

You wake up in the morning feeling energized, happy and fullfilled because your work is impactful: you’re doing something you really love and it’s profitable.

You decide your own work schedule, you can make Money while Travelling the World and the money is flowing into your  bank account.

You’re blessed – You have Time, Location & Financial freedom

Now, What you really need is a Clear, Actionable roadmap to make this visualisation a reality.

Wild Heart Business Academy is your Online Business roadmap!



Hi! I’m Selma.  I am a digital nomad and online entrepreneur. I’ve been living my dream life for almost 10 years now.

But the truth is.. It was not always like this.

From a very young age, I grew up with a complete lack of confidence, and no trust in myself – and it eventually led me to depression.

I then started to get into personal development.  I then woke up one day and made the decision to change my life completely. This is when I decided to start my 2 first online businesses  (wich ended up being total failures). 

After University, I didn’t really know what to do with my life. So I took  all my remaining savings and bought a one-way ticket to Bali.

This is when my life took a quantum leap.

I met the most incredible mentors worldwide that helped me launch the successful  business that allowed me to keep travelling  for the past years. 

Today,  Im happy and greatful to say that as an Online  Business Coach, I’ve helped over  300 students create  their dream life.

If so many did  it, you can sure too! 

Love & Gratitude,



While you're waiting and trying to figure it all out, someone else is helping your clients.

What do you learn in the business academy?

You can expect...

After the academy you...

Early Bird Investment

Business Academy

Roadmap to your online business
  • One-Time Payment
  • Lifetime access online platform
  • 3 months of personal coachin
Early Bird

What others say about the academy:

Business Academy

Roadmap to your online business
  • 3 monthly installments of 550,-
  • Lifetime access online platform
  • 3 months of group coaching
Early Bird

The online Academy:


You can book in a free matching call to see if this fits your needs! No sales call, just an honest call to see if this is something for you. Plan it in here. 

The next Business Academy starts 17th of February 2023 and stops 30th of May 2023. This is longer than 3 months because there will be one week break in April because of the retreat I host.

if you pay upfront it will be 977,- for the full three months. If you want a payment plan it will be 363,- per month. These are early bird prices. 

Everything will be recorded so you can look it back at your own time. 

Yes, you get lifetime access to all the modules of the academy. 

If you don’t have a business idea yet, then I would recommend you to plan in 1 call with me to gain clarity on your Business Idea. You can still do the Academy and it will give you clarity, but I would recommend 1 session 1-1 with me. We can discuss this during a matching call. 

YES, absolutely! If you want a better strategy so you can get more clients and have more time to travel and enjoy life, then this is for you. 

In this program you will see where your strategy is lacking and how you can optimize your online business so you have more free time. 

No problem, I have given this  Academy in Dutch too.

So I can give you different modules so you can keep up if you really need it. 

But I promise you it’s very easy. I have videos in which I explain stuff in an easy way. No difficult words in English and if you have questions you can always ask me.

No this is a groups program so everything will be done in groups. You do have the option to add 1-1 coaching with me. If you want that please book in a matching call so we can discuss what you need. 

Ready to live a Freedom Lifestyle?