Starting something new

In the beginning, I was feeling so scared to start something new, and it is still scary to me. But instead of facing that fear as a bad thing I learned that fear is the same chemical reaction as excitement and I try to transform my fear in my head into excitement. I am growing and learning, therefore, I am having this feeling. 

I have to learn something new and this is such an amazing this in life. We can choose whatever we want to be and we have all the power in our own hands, only most of us don’t see it. I still have my moments that I don’t see it, and that is okay! 

As long as you keep moving and keep making progress. Keep feeling the fear/excitement you are on your way. Either the way is going to be a lesson or the way is going to be an amazing door that is going to open for you. 

Fear has been controlling a lot of things in my life and I just recently starting to realise how of an illusion fear is, yet a lot of people make decisions out of fear, not excitement. It is easy to run away and don’t face things. I did it a lot in my life. But as I am growing as a person, I start realising how much I learn when I stand still in the middle of the fire (fear) and embrace it. Feel it, talk to it and let it go. Let it be and be positive that either way, whatever is going to happen to me, it’s going to be fine and perfect. Because we are all perfectly fine at where we are now, tomorrow or in a year. We are always at the right time and at the right moment to start again. 


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