3 ways to fly for less

Booking a cheap airline ticket depends on several factors. You have to be flexible and take the time to compare different options.  Do you belong to one of the smart bookers?

Book at the right time
To find a good deal you have to book at the right time, but what is the right time? It is often the case that booking on Tuesday is the cheapest, but that does not have to be the case for every destination. Skyscanner conducted a survey based on the 142 most popular routes booked in 2017. Click here for the tool to find the right time to book your ticket!

Be flexible with location and time
The more flexible you are, the cheaper you can book a ticket. Prices can vary per day. Flying in Europe on the weekend can be more expensive than during the week. On average, booking a ticket 8 weeks before departure is the smartest. Business people often travel on Monday and Friday and people like to spend a long weekend on holiday. So flying on Tuesday or Wednesday is the most of the times the best. Flying before 7 a.m. or after 9 p.m. is also often cheaper because landing fees at airports are cheaper.

Don’t let a good deal become a bad one
With budget companies, you can often buy a ticket that is much cheaper than with a more expensive airline, but is this really cheaper? Often there is no check-in baggage with budget airlines or you have a long transfer time (which often also means spending money). Also, budget airlines often have long delays, bad information services and you pay for every additional service. Free drinks, food and entertainment are very nice on a long flight. The budget companies often have no entertainment and pay you for every meal and drink. Make sure you analyze well how long your trip is and what costs are added to make sure your cheap ticket doesn’s become an expensive one.

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