Follow your heart and create more freedom
in your life & business.

You think you have an action plan but let’s be honest to yourself, it’s not really getting you the results you want.

You don’t get any new leads, nobody sends you a message being interested about your service/product. How do I reach my client? What do I have to do to make people buy from me? Your head is full of these questions and it gives you a headache.

If you don’t learn how to build an online business and get clients you will have to give up your dream of traveling to beautiful places around the world while working online. You will not take that one-way ticket to paradise and you will have to go back to a 9-5 job because you have bills that need to be paid. You will not plan your own work schedule and feel the freedom to be wherever you want. You will never get the opportunity to explore the world.  Your business starts to feel more like a passion project than a real business at the moment. 

Your dream of working from wherever starts to move further and further away from you. It feels like you are doubting if you will ever be able to have this lifestyle and if it’s something you can do. Even though you see a lot of people doing it, you just haven’t figured out yet how to and you don’t have any clients and no financial freedom to travel.

AND you’re seeing a big $0 come into your bank account.

I help coaches and creative entrepreneurs build their foundation for an online business so they can work location-independently.

You escaped the rat race a few months ago. You have tried a lot of things by yourself but you lost a lot of time and therefore also money without seeing any progress. You start realizing that there is so much more to learn when building a successful online business that allows you to work from wherever you want. 

Now let's visualise...

You wake up and jump out of bed feeling purpose-driven every single morning knowing EXACTLY what to focus on for the week. You grab your cup of coffee, smell the coffee beans and start working on your online business that is now impactful, and influential and the money keeps flowing in. 


Your systems are set up so you have a consistent flow of new leads, and your DMs are overflowing with messages from people you’ve inspired and clients who want to work with you. 

You fall in love with running your business and attract people who want to be in your energy. Because you know how to show up, be visible and share your energy with the world. You’re having focus and direction on how to level up your business even more. Freedom, passion and impact are the values of your company. Your business is unique and you feel aligned with every step you take in your business.

You are your own boss and have the freedom to work from wherever you want with clients. You decide your own work schedule and have more financial freedom than ever before.

How would it be if you...

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Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Ready to get accountability to get more freedom in your life and business. I help you as an entrepreneur to gain more freedom and focussing on the 4 pillars. 6 months I will be helping you to elevate to the next level.

Online Business Academy

Ready to build your online business and travel the world. In 3 months I help you build a good foundation of your online business. Are you ready to build your dream business which allows you to travel the world?


Sometimes you just need help in certain areas of your life and business. I made workbooks and little courses that give you a kick to move to the next level. All at your own pace. Step to step guiding.
Feel free to have a look.

My story

Hi there,

I remember so well that I didn’t even had the confidence to speak up in a room. I was an introvert and I rather listened to John Mayer music in my room than going out and showing myself. I had a very low self-esteem which caused me to do deal with body image issues and making decisions based on what everyone around me wanted and did, but not doing what I secretly really desired to do.

After a lot of mental break downs I decided something needed to change. I am naturally a very curious person so I decided to do research on how the mind works and why I was not enjoying my life anymore. Eventually I had so many moments of “why do other people don’t know this?” and “why don’t we get this thought at school?”. After a lot of falling down and standing up again I quit everything and I moved to Bali starting my journey of figuring out how to follow my heart. I started a Jewerly business and after that a marketing agency. Eventually I knew that I wanted to coach others in following their heart and this was my purpose and my souls mission. 

Was it scary yes? But for me it was scarier realizing that if I don’t take this risk I will end up being unhappy and “comfortable” but still longing for a different life. Giving my freedom to the hands of someone else. That sounds scarier to me.