Hi, my name is Selma Aouichaoui
Follow your heart
Build Your Online Business
Work from anywhere
I help coaches and creative entrepreneurs build their foundation for an online business so they can work location-independently.

You want to create a business that will sponsor your life and give you freedom, but you don’t know how to do it.

You escaped the rat race to build your business to have freedom in time, location and financially. But the reality is you don’t even make enough to pay your bills and you start doubting if this will ever be successful. You keep figuring out that there is soooo much more to learn than just offer a product or service and you have no idea!  (How to build a product offer, what to ask for it, how to find your ideal client, Website building, Email funnels, Instagram selling, Sales, Automations, how to lead this business from your heart and with focus)

You’ve watched several Instagram pages, Youtube videos, blog posts and you have been reading some books but you start sweating: Where do I even start? What content do I create?  How do I get clients? Will people even buy from me? You feel like you want to throw your laptop against the wall because you’re tired of sitting behind your laptop for hours with no result and no clients.

AND you’re seeing a big $0 come into your bank account.

Download my free ebook on how to build an online business and work location independently.

If things go like this then in a year you will not have an online business and not the freedom you were hoping for.

Mijn mission

Is to help women to lead from their heart and follow their dream life.
Escape the 9-5 and build a succesful online business.

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