First I was like nooooo not Vietnam… but you know what this is an adventure so let’s just go with the flow. Here we go!

My first stop of my travels through Asia was in Bali. I always dreamed of Bali, I don’t know why. I had the feeling that this could be a place where I belong. The culture, the people and the food (Guilty: I love Nasi Goreng for breakfast!).

A dream come true. I worked and lived in NYC and love to share my story with you. Never been to America before and when I went I stayed and worked for six months. I worked with amazing people and brands. I learned a lot about the american culture and it’s working environment. I met amazing people who made my journey very special <3.

Dakar a city which I never thought I would ever visit. During my study I had a minor/course that allowed me to go abroad to a developing country and do research there.