I had so much excitement for Thailand. Somehow all the stories I heard were so interesting. The culture, the buddhism and the nature supposed to be beautiful. Do not get me wrong it was amazing but Thailand has a very dark side which made me not feel safe at all. And yes.. I got arrested and had to spend some time in Thailand’s darkest place.

I was so excited when I arrived at Bangkok after visiting the amazing, raw Vietnam.
At the airport there were a lot of warning about not being able to have tattoos with a buddha on it and that you cannot buy any buddha things or carry it with you. I was a bit surprised. I did not know that it was very illegal to have certain things.

First stop Bangkok

People either hate it or love it. Bangkok is a very busy city and definitely not the cleanest one. Still I really liked the chaos and people on the little markets in the streets selling the most delicious “pad thai” and “curry’s”. I traveled a bit with people I met along the way but I was alone again in Bangkok. It was a bit scary I have to admit and walking alone through the city after a night of partying at Koh San Road was not the most smartest thing to do but somehow when you are traveling you do things and figure out later that it might have not been smart. I think that is one of the pitfalls of traveling not noticing how dangerous some things can be. Always follow your intuition and stay with it. Never say ” oh what the hell, lets just do it” when there might be a small warning sign going off in your head.

Next stop Ko Pha Ngan is one of the islands in the Southeast of Thailand. It is known for its famous Full Moon Party. This stop made my travel a horrible nightmare…. to be continued

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