We are domesticated just like animals

We are domesticated just like animals

The truth is we are no different than a dog or a cat when it comes to our believing and agreeing system. Being born in a society where we learn how to be a good woman or a good man. From the moment that we are born we learn when we are a good girl or a good boy. You get punished for behaving not in the “right” way and out of fear of being punished we start pleasing other people.

So how is it that we are the same as a dog or a cat? We are domesticated through our behavior on punishments and rewards. Society tells us what is good and right and actually most of us are just following without even using our brain if we agree with this or not. Most of us are just following the crowd. And actually when one person decided to take another path the rest of the people will always consider that person and idiot, stupid or a dreamer. For example when the Wright Bother invented the plane. No one believed them and they were called a pair of fools. Or me quitting my job with no plane and moving to Bali, guess some people called me crazy as well. While I think others are crazy for following a society system that they never considered the right or the wrong way but just simply agreed on it anyway.

Before we got domesticated we didn’t care about how we look like or what we do. As little children we walk around naked and don’t care about what we say, what we do or how we look like.

It’s when we grow up that we start to experience that we want to fit into the perfect society picture which is saying yes to everything someone else believed in and we just agreed with without considering if it’s the truth or not. Is it the truth that we have to have a 9-5 job to live good? Is it the truth that we need to eat with a fork and a knife? ( In Africa it definitely isn’t their truth). Is it truth that pointing with your left hand is not rude ( In Indonesia it’s considered their truth!).

What do you believe in? Did you ever thought about what your doing might be your way or someone else it’s way? Are you an Animal that is domesticated or are you a pilot flying your own plane?

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