The dog eat my sport shoe

All about dedication

We all know the expression “the dog eat my homework”. Well... I am not kidding but the dog that’s running around in my apartment eat my only pair of sports shoes. 

I came home and the inside from my sports shoe was gone. I love training and actually I train almost every day and now I don’t have gym shoes anymore. I could have said to myself; that’s it I can’t train anymore. Woehoeeee... no more hard work and just laying around chilling all day. 

But that’s not what I did. I still wore my shoe’s even though their uncomfortable as f*ck and probably not the best thing to do. I still did my workouts. Decided to run barefoot on the beach and try to be creative to make it work anyway. 

The point that I want to make is that it’s all about the dedication and motivation you have. It’s all how you respond to situations and how dedicated you are to continue to push yourself. It’s easy to give up on difficult things when situations get tough. It’s easier to grab a piece of chocolate than to run 10 kilometers, that's for sure. Nothing worth having comes easy and the ones who will have the most dedication and motivation will be winners in the end. 

Wish you all a wonderful day!


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