Success is failure

Success is basically a lot of tiny failures. If someone is better at something then you are it’s because they failed more times behind the scenes and it means they have been to more pain than you had. They had there learning experiences and they allowed themselves to learn.

Some people may think: “ No, that person is just lucky, or I guess I am just not good at this. Well, guess what when a young child is trying to learn how to walk they fall down and hurt themselves a couple of times before being able to walk. There are no young children thinking: O I guess that child is lucky to walk and it’s probably just not for me so I won’t be able to walk. -.-‘’

The older we get the more complicated we are thinking even though life is all about simplicity. We avoid failure because society tells us what is wrong and right and we believe it straight away. That’s just how our brain works sometimes it’s easier to just admit and follow their belief than finding your own.

But at the moment that you are avoiding failure you also avoid learning, growing, and self-development. It’s so comfortable and easy to stick with what you already know. What I just want to share with you guys is that we can’t become successful if we don’t allow ourselves to fall hard, stand up again and face the fear of failure.

One of my favorite quotes is this Japanese Proverb:

Fall down seven times, get up eight.

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