About me

A girl that follows her wild heart

I make memories and I have this great desire to just live and feel as pure as possible. I love a healthy lifestyle, coaching and motivating people. Next to that I am very interested in local made products which I am planning to sell as well on this website (stay tuned).

I started traveling alone in 2013. I did not go alone to Paris or London. I went to Dakar, Senegal. West Africa a place I had never been before. I did not speak the language or knew anything about this country at all. It gave me thrills, good ones. 

After that it did not stop. I went to New York city in 2014, worked on the corner of Wall Street lived in Manhattan with a view on the Empire State Building. I did an internship most girls could only dream of. I organized shoots for Vogue, Elle, Baileys, Harper's Bazaar. I worked with famous models and with the most famous fashion photographer MarioTestino.

All this was during my study. After finishing my study I started traveling alone with a backpack through Asia and ended up working in Sydney.