One month without alocohol and meat

I have an monthly anniversary. The anniversary of switching to a alcohol free and Pesceterian (meat free) lifestyle. A lifestyle change that effects every aspect of your life. Your health, your mood and the way you look at things.

What happens when you remove both meat and alcohol from your life? Some would consider this living type a hell. No meat and no alcohol so where is the fun, right?

I myself would never guess that I would stop drinking alcohol. I like my Friday night wines with friends and my cocktails on the beach (definitely when I am traveling). Somehow social drinking was a part of me. But also a part that ruined more than I wanted. I can’t handle alcohol very well. The most problems that occurred where when I was drinking. Broken relationship, health problems and mental problems. So for me it was definitely time for a change.

When I cut out drinking after one month my motivation level increased drastically. I believe that I became more persistent person. My work outs at the gym became better and much less apt to give up. I lost some weight and my skin already looks better (might also be because of the sun here in Bali).

Taking meat out of my life has changed my personality as well. I had no idea that when I stopped eating meat my moods would no longer swing. I have no longer a bloated feeling and my stomach does not hurt as bad as it did before ( I have a irritable bowel syndrome).

It is been only one month and I feel a huge difference. So I order a mocktail instead of a cocktail at the bar ( which are almost as good). I order fresh fish or a Vegeterian dish at the restaurants. Sometimes I have the feeling I would love a glass of wine. But the minutes of thinking that does not weight up against the feeling I have the next morning, waking up without a headache.

4 thoughts on “One month without alocohol and meat

  1. Great job! I’ve also cut down on my alcohol intake, and only eat meat 2 times a week. Looking forward to reading the rest of your journey!

    1. Hi there!

      That is so good!

      Thank you so much for sharing it with me!

      Have a wonderful day!


  2. Goed bezig Selma!

    1. Dankje syl!

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