How does fiber prevent weight gain?

You’ve probably heard that fiber is good for you, but do you know why it’s good for you? Or do you just believe everything they say? 😉

Okay, I have to say they don’t lie, it’s good for you. By promoting the growth of gut bacteria, dietary fiber could prevent things such as obesity, metabolic syndrome and unwanted changes in the intestine. Researched by Georgia State University (if you want to know this is a fact).

Obesity is linked to a metabolic syndrome. A couple of things that could happen includes:
– hypertension
– high blood sugar
– excess body fat around the waist
– abnormal cholesterol levels

As obesity rates continue to soar, understanding how these conditions work together and what can be done to prevent them is more pressing than ever. Metabolic syndrome is now considered to be a chronic inflammatory disease, involving altered relationships between gut bacteria and the gut.

Western society has experienced a huge shift in eating habits in recent decades; there is now a much greater emphasis on processed foods, which, notably, lack fiber. A diet lacking fiber alters the composition of gut bacteria, lowering numbers overall and changing the ratios of species.

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