Hi, my name is Selma and on this blog, I will share all my favorite adventures and experiences with you. I make memories and I have this great desire to just live and feel as pure as possible. I love a healthy lifestyle, coaching and motivating people. I am coaching a changing lifestyle with a mix of nourishing, moving and believing. I want to inspire and encourage you to follow your dreams and don't settle for anything less. 

I started my travel addiction in 2013 when I traveled to Dakar, Senegal where I did a research project on Sustainable Development. In 2014 I went to New York City where I worked on the corner of Wall Street and was working as a Production Assistant creating productions for Vogue US, Vogue Japan, Glamour UK, Elle France, Baileys, Levi's and Bloomingdales.

When finishing my study I packed my bags and went to Southeast Asia for my first Solo Backpacking Trip. For 8 months I was traveling through Southeast Asia and ended up working in Sydney for the Four Seasons Hotel.

At the moment I am an influencer PR/Travel Agent helping with Sponsors, Location Scouting, Social Media, Styling, and Photography. I love writing and therefore I will be blogging the stories of my travels.

I always love meeting new people so feel free to contact me.