1.  Progress not perfection

We all seek perfection in this world. We forget to embrace the progress we are in. We forget to be grateful where we are. Holding on to all the expectations you have and wanting more (and more) is not what’s going to give you freedom in your life. We are our worst enemy in creating freedom. It is so nearby still we search for more stuff and goals and we forget to feel free and happy where we are right now!

2. Shift your focus to let the magic happen
Yes, focus. Honestly one of my biggest challenges. Since I love to do a lot of stuff at the same time #guilty. But you are not going to give yourself freedom and peace of mind being busy with a lot of stuff at the same time. Focus on one thing and don’t forget to relax, analyze and see the magic that is happening. Having focus gives you freedom and energy.

3. Out of your comfort zone
People who know me, know you much I like the sentence “get out of your comfort zone”. I can’t live life feeling free without escaping my comfort zone. How can you feel alive if you don’t experience new things? How can you feel alive if you don’t move? Get out there and move not only your body but also your mind. Travel alone? for example ;).

4. Do not judge
Putting labels on people, things, cultures, feelings, whatever you can judge try not to do that. How much freedom would we have if we were open-minded to everything in life? Not having to think about if something is right or wrong. Decide for yourself, figure it out yourself! “people will always judge you, be the one that doesn’t judge and feel what kind of freedom this will bring to you. No stress, no overthinking and no need to put things in boxes. No stereotyping, no bullshit, more energy and freedom for the things you love.

5. Do what you love

There is nothing that will give you more freedom than doing what you love. Having the job you love, doing the sports you love being surrounded by the people you love. Everything is surrounded by love. Why would you go to the gym do workouts which you don’t like while you can find a class you do like. While would you surround yourself with people you don’t vibe with while you can find new people you do vibe with. Why would you do a job you don’t love while you can do a job you do love.

All of these 5 things are connected. If you surround yourself with all things of love without judgment, exploring new things, focus on the magic and appreciate the progress, not the perfection. Then you will find a state of FREEDOM. 

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