Hi, so nice to meet you!

I’m Selma, a Health & Mindset Coach in between Bali and The Netherlands, world citizen with a sprinkle of Dutch and Tunisian blood, lover of travelling, being creative, coaching and exploring new cultures. I am an open-minded personal development coach who’s mission it is to help others see different perspectives and help them back into alignment with who they are to live a healthy and happy life. 

One of my biggest values in life is living a healthy lifestyle.
For me health is a working process both mentally and physically. Training your body as much as training your mind. I have been busy with health since a very young age. I love working out and eating healthy because it gives me the energy, clear mindset and life I want. I am also a Yoga Yeacher (RYT 200). I can help you to get a healthier and happier lifestyle by working on your movement, nutrition and mindset.

One of my other biggest value in life is freedom.
I lived in several different countries and experienced that there is not one way of living right. I know that we can live the life we want and deserve by focussing, making a plan and change your mindset. Freedom for me is to be able to travel, do what I love and be financially independent. Do you have the job, business you love? Are you living your best life and are you free? Or are you living in a rat race by society rules?

Do you think you have more potential of living a better lifestyle?
Are you ready to live up to your full potential and feel energised and aligned?
Are you ready to change your perspective on life?
I want to share my knowledge with others so they can live their best healthy lives too.
I am here to motivate you, change your mindset and help you get a healthier lifestyle.
Let’s go from fear to excitement every damn day!​